Terms and Conditions


All products booked with GoGanges are subject to the below given terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

In order to ensure the success of your wellness and travel requirements, we would like to draw your attention to the following Terms and Conditions. Please note if you confirm and proceed with your booking or remit payment, you are automatically accepting these terms and conditions.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. CONFIRMATION PROCESS: All bookings must be confirmed by email directly to info@goganges.com or on receipt of booking amount to us via transfer / remittance.
  2. We will do our best to advice you the best treatment / rejuvenation package as per your requirement. However, GoGanges merely acts as a facilitator for arranging the advice / stay / treatments in Wellness Centres / Treatment Centres / Hospitals and will not in any way be liable for any harm / injuries / issues caused to you due to negligence / quality of treatment / therapies / advice not meeting your expectations / requirements or any other issues.
  3. You may be charged by the Wellness Centre for any medicines procured at the time of discharge.
  4. Any extra services obtained by you during your stay e.g. physiotherapy sessions, spa services, laundry, room service, personal yoga sessions if they were not mentioned as part of your original itinerary, will be billed to you directly by the Wellness Centre / accommodation provider.
  5. All the clients travelling / staying in a Wellness Centre / accommodation must be in possession of a valid passport and a valid visa. For Indian Citizens - Aadhar or Passport and PAN Card is mandatory.
  6. In case of unavailability / sudden increase in price of the listed wellness treatments, accommodation, flights, other arrangements and taxes, GoGanges will try its best to replace them with a similar arrangement.
  7. Transportation if requested for, will be provided as per the itinerary and will not be at disposal. However, our transport partners / drivers are usually cooperative and do allow minor deviations in the route subject to their discretions. Any major deviations will be charged at the discretion of the transport provider / driver and can be generally settled on the spot. Air Conditioner in transport vehicles may not work on hills.
  8. Company is not responsible for any loss or damage to clients or their personal belongings during the stay in the wellness centre / hotel or while traveling. Due to theft or loss of baggage, tour participant can lodge a complaint with the local authorities on his/her sole discretion, cost, risk and consequences. Similarly, GoGanges is not liable for any damages caused by the clients to third parties or vice versa. And, you will be liable to settle any such claims directly with third parties involved.
  9. All entrances / attractions are subject to availability and opening times. Since a given tour may not be available on a particular day, GoGanges may at its discretion schedule the tours on different days than the ones mentioned in the itinerary. This is required to ensure availability of a tour on a particular day.
  10. Flights offered are subject to final confirmation from Airline and may be subject to change.
  11. GoGanges merely acts as facilitator / agent on behalf of the end service provider, i.e. wellness centres, accommodation providers, airlines, transportation providers, sight-seeing / attractions providers, visa, foreign exchange and insurance providers. We do not assume any responsibility for damages caused to the customers on account of the above mentioned or similar service providers due to their negligence, failure, quality, bankruptcy, or insolvency. In such cases, we will try our best to offer you the next best alternative and which may involve extra cost.
  12. For all travel, customers are strictly advised to carry with them mobile phones to ensure seamless communication with various service providers. In the absence of being unable to contact, customer assumes full responsibility for misses and omissions from the itinerary. (E.g. your pick up contact point at the airport is unable to locate you and you are not contactable.) 
  13. Baggage allowance for transfers - As a general rule, one customer is allowed one large bag and one had bag. However, most cars do allow 3 bags in total if two or more pax are travelling together. In case you are carrying more than 3 bags, please inform us. The transfers in such a scenario can only be arranged at an extra cost to be informed to the client. 
  14. Any alteration or abandonment of travel / accommodation / treatments after you have commenced the journey, will be in breach of the contract and will not be accepted as any basis of claim against the company and no refunds will be made.

Visa Facilitation Services:

  1. GoGanges may facilitate the visa services on your request and final decision to approve or reject visa lies with the respective Embassy or Associate as the case may be. Under any circumstances, GoGanges is not liable for rejection / delay etc. in your visa nor has any influence on the consulate/embassy's decision. The role of the company is only to provide necessary guidance to the client for the purpose of applying for Visa. The company will not be responsible for non-issuance of visa due to receipt of incomplete / delayed documents from the Clients. It is a possibility that the consulate may ask the passengers to appear for a personal interview. This is at the sole discretion of the Consulate / Authorities. If the required documents are not submitted by the client, the issuance of visa will further be delayed / rejected, and the client will not hold GoGanges responsible for the same.
  2. Visa fees charged by Embassy, Visa Application Centres and Goganges are non - refundable irrespective of your visa outcome. You should adhere to all the norms and conditions laid by the consulate/embassy upon rejection of visa.
  3. If you wish to reapply for the visa, you are liable to pay again the requisite fees to the consulate or as applicable and you will not claim any loss / damage / reimbursements from GoGanges. Client needs to ensure that they adhere to the minimum timeline for visa as advised by GoGanges.
  4. Additionally, if you are applying for visa in India, you must carry the requisite fees in cash (INR) and advised visa documents to the Visa Application Centre / Embassy / Consulate at the time of application. In case you require documents pick up for review and or submission, extra charges may apply and will be communicated to you. 


  1. All packages will be charged in INR. However, in you are from outside India, you may pay in your currency and remit the amount to us in equivalent INR. Any charges for remittance will be borne directly by you and GoGanges must receive the nett amount to their bank account. GoGanges will not be liable for any delay / cancellation of booking due to non-receipt or insufficiency of payments due to any reason whatsoever.
  2. The details mentioned on our website or shared with you via email are quotes and tentative itineraries. Booking is not confirmed until booking amount has been paid or booking has been confirmed on email by GoGanges.
  3. The rates are usually per person, based on the no. of people and room type mentioned in the booking / itinerary.
  4. Please note all rates & conditions quoted are based on the current room breakdown, travel dates and length of stay as per the itinerary shared with you. In the event of any changes (such as number of rooms/people decrease, or length of stay changes) we reserve the right to review our prices. Additional rooms are on request and may be subject to supplemental costs.
  5. Price of flights and trains are highly dynamic and generally are as on the date of sharing a quote. Cost will be charged at the actual rates on date of booking.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation policy varies from service to service and also depends on the time of booking. It will be communicated to the customer at the time of booking and must be strictly adhered to.

Not all products may be refundable. To ensure we offer you the best rates, we sometimes book non - refundable rates and advise you the same as well. We suggest you refer the Cancellation terms shared with you as part of each package. Basis the eligibility for refunds, the same will be processed for the amount or percentage mentioned in the tour and as per the timeline mentioned. Additionally, any payment gateway charges / remittance charges / charges of similar nature will note be refunded.

All cancellations must be made in writing via email to info@goganges.com and must be acknowledged by GoGanges. We will try to be as flexible as possible with regard to dates/cancellation deadlines. However, unless advised differently the cancellation advised at the time of booking will be applicable.

FORCE MAJEURE : GoGanges will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with your travel / stay / treatment or any other scenario where performance of the contract is prevented by reason beyond control , including but not limited to pandemics, endemics, epidemics, war or threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute (affecting employees or any person other than those of the company), terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, hostilities or political unrest and other similar conditions beyond the control of the company. Under these circumstances we will attempt to reschedule, reroute or negotiate limited cancellation charges however cannot guarantee this. If you are stranded, you will be charged unless advised otherwise.

However, you may be able to make subsequent claims in such situations from your insurance provider, subject to the terms and conditions of the travel / medical insurance policy issued to you.

For any clarifications, please call / wats app us at +919873040457 / +919899630350 email to info@goganges.com.

We also request you to visit our FAQs page for more information.